Priyanku Dutta Biography, Songwriter, Composer, Wiki, Mathu Tumi Xubakhi

Priyanku Dutta Biography, Songwriter, Composer, Wiki
Priyanku Dutta Biography, Songwriter, Composer, Wiki

Priyanku Dutta (Assamese: প্ৰিয়ংকু দত্ত) is an Indian Songwriter, Composer from Assam, well-known for his Assamese literature songs and with new-generation music. He wrote his first debut song “Mathu Tumi Xubakhi" in December 2020 which was highly appreciated by the audience.

Early Life:

Priyanku Dutta Biography
Priyanku Dutta Biography

Priyanku Dutta was born on 20 December 2000 to Pabitra Kr. Dutta and  Mousumi Dutta at Jorhat, Assam. He currently resides in Jorhat with his family. His father is a serviceman in “Assam Elementary Education Council” at the rank of Principal, his mother is a housewife and he has one younger sister named Puja Dutta.

He completed his HSLC (class 10) from Ben Garden High School, Jorhat. Then he completed his HS (class 12) from Arunodoi Academy, Jorhat. He is doing his BA (degree) in English literature at KKHOU, Jorhat. Also, he is currently pursuing an Electrical Engineering course at Central Engineering Institute of Technology CEIT. Although Priyanku is a student of Electrical Engineering, he likes writing various genres of songs.

Career Information: 

Priyanku Dutta Songwriter
Priyanku Dutta Songwriter

When he was in class ten, he was very much interested in Photography and filmmaking so he dedicated his time to editing videos and start shooting portraits of models as a freelancer.
Photography and filmmaking was his hobby. 

Growing up with technical interests he started writing poems. When he was a semester student, he has written his first single named “Mathu Tumi Xubakhi". Later he gained more interest in music and started writing and composing more songs like “Xopunote Tumi” and “Xantir Xukh"

After that, he had never stopped working and in this whole two years, he had worked with many leading and newcomer artists gifting the industry with beautiful and soulful songs. To date, he has written more than three songs. By observing his social media handles, he is currently working on some upcoming new projects which he will be going to reveal soon.

Priyanku's First Project Experience

Priyanku first started writing poems on various kinds of topics. One of his friends suggested Priyanku write a song for him. But Priyanku refused for writing a song and told that he has no proper knowledge about writing a song, he only has minimum knowledge of writing poems. Then his friend told that you just give your one try maybe it can change from a poem to a song unknowingly. Although he has no idea of writing a song, suddenly he took the decision of writing a song as his friend requested him for it, and within a minute he wrote his first debut song “Mathu Tumi Xubakhi” which was appreciated by people.

Inspiration of Priyanku

Although Priyanku's inspiration is “Zubeen Garg” from his childhood itself, But presently he likes the works i.e doing by the new Artists from Assam who has entirely changed the music platforms of the Assamese music Industry with some new vibes and genre.

Ongoing Projects and Upcoming Projects

Priyanku recently got invited by a well-known record label from Assam named “Goldenwood Music” as a Lyricist and A&R (Artists and Repertoire). He is making a collab with the members of “Goldenwood Music”. It will be releasing soon.

Future Plans of Priyanku

According to Priyanku, particularly he is not thinking about any such great hopes. But he is focusing his present project coming with the “Goldenwood Music”. He usually says that before focusing on the future he focus on his present. Because with the help of present, future take place or creates.

About Priyanku Dutta



Real Name

Priyanku Dutta



Date of Birth

20 December 2000


20 years

Years active (Professional)

2020 - Present


Jorhat (Assam)

Home Town

Jorhat (Assam)

Current Residence

Jorhat, Assam



Debut song (Assamese)

Mathu Tumi Xubakhi (2020)







Family Members

Father’s name

Pabitra Kr. Dutta

Mother’s name

Mousumi Dutta

Sister’s name

Puja Dutta



Ben Garden High School, Jorhat

College (HS)

Arunodoi Academy

College (Bachelor)



Central Engineering Institute of Technology CEIT (Council), Jorhat

Favorite Everything


Goa, America, Dubai


His Parents




Manchurian Dishes, Chicken, Fish, Paneer


Cricket, Muay Thai, Football






Ravi Sharma

Actress (Assamese)

Lima Das

Actor (Bollywood)

Shahrukh Khan

Actress (Bollywood)

Deepika Padukone

Singers (Assamese)

Zubeen Garg, Neel Akash


Maitrayee Patar


Sannidhya Bhuyan

Film (Assamese)


Film (Bollywood)


Social Media 

Priyanku Dutta Facebook, Youtube
Priyanku Dutta Facebook, Youtube

Priyanku Dutta is very active on his social media accounts. Also, listen to his songs on youtube.

Follow him on social media.

Facebook (Profile): Priyanku Dutta

Facebook (Page): Priyanku Dutta

Instagram: iampriyanku

Youtube Channel: Priyanku Dutta

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