Dimpu Baruah Biography, Wiki, Youtube Income

Dimpu Baruah Biography, Wiki, Youtube Income
Dimpu Baruah Biography, Wiki, Youtube Income

Dimpu Baruah is one of the most popular Youtuber in Assam. His simple nature and talking style attracts more viewers to his youtube channels. He is also a social media influencer. He has two youtube channels 'Dimpu Baruah' and 'Dimpu's Vlogs'. 

Early Life and Education: 

Dimpu Baruah Biography
Dimpu Baruah Biography

Dimpu Baruah was born on 6 August 1995 to Pitambar Baruah and Latika Baruah at Nalbari, Assam. He was very shy from childhood. He has no brother and sister. His father works in Guwahati and his mother does a part-time job. 

Dimpu attended 1212 No. Madhabang Prathamik Bidyalaya from 1997 to 2001. After that, he joined Choukhuti High School, Pathsala from 2003 to 2006. But he failed in class 7. So his parents decided to changed his school to Brajalakhmi Bidya pith high school, Nalbari from 2007 to 2008. 

He again changed his school to Debiram Pathsala High School in 2010. He took admission in class 8. From that school, he passed his HSLC Exam i,e. Class 10 from this school. He passed his HSLC with a 2nd division. He got 48 per cent.

Dimpu joined Brahmaputra valley star academy junior college, Nalbari for his college education. He took Arts stream in his 11th and 12th classes. He passed his Higher Secondary with 1st division in 2013.

Dimpu joined Nalbari College for his undergraduate education. He studied B.A English Honours. He passed B.A degree in 2016. He got 6.9 CGPA. He has also obtained a D.EL.Ed degree. Now he is pursuing M.A in English at Nalbari College.

After obtaining his D.EL.Ed degree he became an English teacher. He started teaching English to students of class 7 and 8. He is an English tuition teacher. He was a full-time teacher till 2017 but after youtube, he became a part-time teacher.

Career Information:

Dimpu Baruah Youtube
Dimpu Baruah Youtube

Dimpu Baruah owns two youtube channels 'Dimpu Baruah' and 'Dimpu's Vlogs'. Dimpu told that he noticed youtube when Jio was first launched. When he first opened the youtube app he saw many videos of foreign youtube creators then out of curiosity he searched Assamese Youtube channels and then he found 'Ola Crazy' Assamese youtube channel. He was amazed that people also watch Assamese youtube videos. By that way he got the inspiration to start his own youtube channel 'Dimpu Baruah'.

Dimpu first uploaded a video on Youtube on 21 June 2017 on his channel 'Dimpu Baruah'. The name of that video was 'Nalbari Town by Cycle'. The main aim of that video was to see how Nalbari town will be developed in future. It doesn't go viral. 

Dimpu Baruah first uploaded a live video on Facebook in 2017 about Gordon School, Nalbari. It was an emotional video about Gordon School which was established in 1887 but due to negligence of the government, the school was ruined. That video became viral overnight and was also shown in Assamese News Media 'Pratidin Time'. That video became so viral that people start watching his other videos on Youtube. After that, there was no turning back. He also made a separate vlog channel.

About Dimpu's Youtube Channels

Dimpu Baruah - In this channel Dimpu use to make videos on Technology, Mobile Unboxing and other tech-related things. Sometimes he also uploads vlogs around Nalbari town. But later he used to make vlogs in a separate youtube channel.

Dimpu's Vlogs - This was Dimpu's second Youtube channel. He tries to show Nalbari and other beautiful places of Assam. His humorous jokes and simple nature attracts viewers of all age groups to his vlogs. Also, his Nalbari accent adds glory to his vlogs. He has a very strong engagement towards his viewers.

Hey Dosto is the tagline of his Youtube videos

Stats of his Youtube Channels

Dimpu Baruah: 
  • 1st Uploaded Video - Nabari Town by Cycle (19 July 2017)
  • Most Popular Video - How Bogibeel Bridge was constructed by HCC (14 lakh views)
  • Total Subscribers - 6.35 lakhs (approx)
  • Total Views - 6 crore (approx)

Dimpu's Vlogs:
  • 1st Uploaded Video - Happy Goru Bihu (14 April 2018)
  • Most Popular Video - Delhi, I am going Faali Dibo (18 lakh views)
  • Total Subscribers - 7.10 lakh (approx)
  • Total Views - 8.5 crore (approx)


Personal Life:

Real Name
Dimpu Baruah
Known As
Dimpu Da
Date of birth
6 August 1995
Current Residence
Nalbari, Assam
Youtuber, Teacher, Influencer
Marital Status

Dimpu Baruah with actress Prastuti
Dimpu Baruah with actress Prastuti

Family Members:

Father's Name
Pitambar Baruah
Mother's Name
Latika Baruah


1212 No Madhabang Prathamik Bidyalaya
Choukhuti High School
Brajalakhmi Bidyapith High School
Brahmaputra Valley Star Academy
Nalbari College

Height, Weight and Others:

Height: 5'7" (approx)
Weight: 55 kg (approx)
Eye Colour: Brown 
Hair Colour: Black

Youtube Income:

Income Statistics of Dimpu Baruah Channel and Dimpu's Vlogs

Dimpu Baruah: This channel has over 630K subscribers and total 59.6M views. He gains over 130k average views every month. Estimated monthly earning is about 1200 dollar.

Dimpu's Vlogs: This channel has over 707K subscribers and total 82M views. He gains over 275k average views every month. Estimated monthly earning is about 10,000 dollar.

*Earnings may slightly vary.
*Sponsor videos are also included in earnings.

Social Media:

Dimpu Baruah Instagram
Dimpu Baruah Instagram

Dimpu Baruah is very active on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: He has more than 100K followers.

Instagram: He has more than 115K followers.



Watch his Youtube videos on DIMPU BARUAH and DIMPU'S VLOGS.

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