Dwijing Festival - Aie River Festival Assam 2023-24

Dwijing Festival - Aie River Festival 2021-22
Dwijing Festival - Aie River Festival 2021-22

The Dwijing Festival in Assam has entered its 8th year (2023-24). This 12-day festival starts from the last week of December till the first week of January.  Dwijing Festival is one of the biggest river festivals in India. This festival is becoming highly popular in India and outside India.

In this 2022-23 edition, the festival will start from 27th December 2022 to 7th January 2023. This time the organisers are inviting the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Bollywood playback singers Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar and many other performers.

Dwijing Festival 2023-24 is not been officially confirmed till now.

List of Celebrities that came to Dwijing Fest 2019-20

27 Dec 2021 (Opening Ceremony)- Vishal and Shekhar, Jonita Gandhi, Sugandha Mishra, DJ Liz

04 Jan 2022 (Closing Ceremony) - Papon, Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan

Dwijing Fest Schedule 2021-22

Dwijing Fest Schedule 2021-22
Dwijing Fest Schedule 2021-22

What is Dwijing Festival?

Dwijing Festival - Aie River Festival 2023-24
Dwijing Festival - Aie River Festival 2023-24

The Dwijing Festival is an annual river festival celebrated on the banks of the Aie River near the  Hagrama Bridge in Bongaigaon (BTAD Region).  The word 'Dwijing' derives from the native Bodo language. Dwi means 'water' and jing means 'near' i.e, Near Water.

It is a 12-day social-cultural exhibition planned for advancing the travel industry in Bodoland. The festival comes with interesting events like the exhibition of local like, art, foods, local trades, games, river games, camping, adventure activities and many cultural programmes.

History of Dwijing Festival

History of Dwijing Festival
History of Dwijing Festival

Dwijing festival was first started in 2016-17 and was inaugurated by the CM of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal. It was previously known as the "Aie River Winter Festival". It was held near the banks of River Aie in the district of Chirang, BTAD Assam. Later the name was changed to Dwijing which also means Near Water or River Banks. Now, it has become an annual river festival.

Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) did every possible thing to promote this festival on a national and international scale.

What is the meaning of Dwijing?

What is Dwijing?
What is Dwijing?

The word 'Dwijing' derives from the native Bodo language. Dwi means 'Water' and Jing means 'Near' i.e, Near Water. But in a simple explanation, Dwijing also means "River Bank" because it is celebrated on the banks of 'River Aie'.

Some Facts about Aie River

1. Aie means 'Mother' in the Bodo language and the Assamese language.

2. Aie River flows from the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam and falls in the mighty Brahmaputra River.

3. Aie River helps almost 30,000 families in the Chirang District with their daily livelihoods through crop harvesting, fishing, stone and sand collection and many more activities.

4. Hagrama Bridge, the longest bridge in rural areas (1200 metres) in Assam also stands above the Aie River.

5. Aie River changes its course every year.

6. In the Winter Season, the Aie River becomes a major tourist attraction for picnic and weekend activities.

7. In the Summer Season, Aie River becomes evil and creates a huge flood due to heavy rainfall and destroying the properties of families and also the lives of many families.

Why Dwijing Festival is celebrated?

The main aim of celebrating Dwijing festival is to focus especially on business activities for a better economic generation through rural tourism. The Festival is also meant to provide help to the flood victim families through charity generation and distribution. The festival is focussing on state tourism.

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Events at Dwijing Festival 

1. The Bohemian Campsite

Dwijing Fest - Campsite
Dwijing Fest - Campsite

  • Shared Tent
  • Two Seater Tent
  • Three Seater Tent
  • Own Tent Pitching (1/2-Seater)
  • Own Tent Pitching (3/4-Seater)
Terms and Conditions: The person must be above 21 years old and must possess  a valid ID

2. Trekking & Jungle Safari

Dwijing Fest - Jungle Safari
Dwijing Fest - Jungle Safari

  • Jeep Safari
  • Hiking

3. Adventurous Sports

Dwijing Fest - River Rafting
Dwijing Fest - River Rafting

  • River Rafting
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Paragliding
  • Paramotoring
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • and many more 

4. Animal Rides

Dwijing Fest - Elephant Ride
Dwijing Fest - Elephant Ride

  • Elephant rides
  • Camel rides
  • Horse rides 
  • Donkey rides
  • and many more.

5. Helicopter Ride

Dwijing Fest - Helicopter Ride
Dwijing Fest - Helicopter Ride

  • 10 minutes ride
  • Birdview of nearby hills and Bhutan.

6. Cultural Programme

Dwijing Fest - Bihu Dance
Dwijing Fest - Bihu Dance

  • Traditional and Folk dances 
  • Bollywood Stars
  • Bollywood Playback Singers
  • Bollywood Dances
  • Famous DJs
  • International Celebrities

7. Ethnic Food Festival

Dwijing Fest - Roasted Pork
Dwijing Fest - Roasted Pork

  • Traditional Foods of Assam
  • Local Dishes and Drinks
  • Smoked or Roasted Pork, Pigeons
  • Jow Gisi (Rice Beer)
  • and various foods.

8. Games and Sports

Dwijing Fest - Sky Diving
Dwijing Fest - Sky Diving
  • Indoor games 
  • Outdoor games
  • Volleyball
  • Amusement Park
  • and many more games.

Timing of some events 2021-22

Dwijing Splash (Bicycle): 4 Jan 2022 (10 AM - 2 PM)
Dwijing Riders Meet (Motorcycle): 5 Jan 2022 (9 AM)
Dwijing XC Race (Mountain Bicycle): 4 Jan - 5 Jan 2022

Where is the location of Dwijing Festival?

Location of Dwijing Festival
Location of Dwijing Festival

Dwijing Festival is held at the Aie River Bank at the Hagrama Bridge in Chirang near Bongaigaon.

Location: Aie River Park, Hagrama Bridge, Tuslijhora

Venue: Tulsijhora, Hagrama Bridge
             P.O. Joypur, P.S. Amguri
             Dist. Chirang, BTAD (Assam)
             PIN - 783393

By Road: Just 5km away from the National Highway 31(C) at Chapaguri Point near IOCL Bongaigaon refinery village popularly known as Rowmari or Dangaigaon.

By Train: Nearest Station is New Bongaigaon. 

By Air: No direct route by air. After reaching Guwahati Airport (LGBI Airport), you must have to take cars, bikes, buses or trains. 

Where to stay at night?

Camping at Dwijing
Camping at Dwijing

There are many hotels near the festival. There are 3-star to 5-star hotels near the fest and you can stay there according to your budget. 

The nearest hotels are Cygnet Park and Himalaya Hotel.

Cygnett Park Meghna: If you're searching for solace, extravagance and incredible food, look no further and book this 4-star hotel in Bongaigaon. It has a pool, a gym, and a spa, and is likewise very near the Dwijing Festival celebration ground. 

Himalaya Hotel: This is a 3-star hotel with great conveniences and great surveys. 

There are other hotels also for budget-friendly people in Bongaigaon and Kokrajhar.
You can also do camping near the river banks. Camping can make you feel the real adventure and excitement.

Rules and Regulations only for Picnic:

1. Obey the rules and regulations of the committee.
2. Maintain the timing of the picnic spot. (8:00 am to 4:00 pm).
3. Please clean up the spot before leaving.
4. Don't throw waste and bottles into the river.
5. Bottles broken are strictly prohibited at the picnic spot.
6. Please use a dustbin.
7. Please don't Overspeed, your thrill can kill.
8. Maintain decent behaviour.
9. Let women, and children enjoy the picnic.
10. Discipline and progress are a must, but alertness and safety ness are first.

Things to do around Dwijing Festival

If you want to explore more around Dwijing Festival. Then you can visit these places.

Manas National Park: It is the second-largest National Park in Assam. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. There are many wild elephants, tigers, pigmy hogs, hispid hares, hornbills and many more animals and birds. You will find some rare species that can only be seen here.

Hagrama Bridge: This bridge is also the most popular tourist destination near Dwijing Festival. It is the longest rural bridge in Assam. It is also a major picnic spot. One can see crystal clear river water and the wonderful mountains of Bhutan. 

Kalamati: A place near the Indo-Bhutan border. This place is like heaven.

Bodo Village: You can explore more about the Bodo Tribe and their cultures and traditions.

Bongaigaon Oil Refinery: One of the largest oil refineries in Assam.

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My Final Words

Dwijing Festival is one of the biggest and brightest river festivals in India. I believe that you will find immense pleasure after visiting this festival. You will surely become addicted to the beauty of that place. So, do visit with your family or friends and experience the thrill.

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