Ratnakar Assamese Full Movie Download in 1080p and 720p

Ratnakar Assamese Full Movie Download in 1080p and 720p
Ratnakar Assamese Full Movie Download in 1080p and 720p 

Ratnakar: A New Myth of Love is an Assamese action, drama and romantic movie. Jollywood Ratnakar full movie download 2019 latest 1080p HD print and 720p and DVD-Rip for Free. Ratnakar is an Indian Assamese-language drama film written and directed by Jatin Bora made by J.B Production. The film stars Jatin Bora and Barsha Rani Bishaya and Nishita Goswami. The film was released on 11 October 2019 in Assam. The estimated budget of the Ratnakar is Rs. 80 lakhs. Ratnakar was a blockbuster movie and it is the highest income Assamese movie.

Ratnakar Full Movie Download - 1080p and 720p

Full Name: Ratnakar
Release Date: 11 October 2019 (India)
Size: 1GB
Quality: Bluray and HDRip
Genres: Action, Drama, Romantic
Language: Assamese
Running time: 114 minutes
Country: India

Ratnakar Movie Plot:

The film Ratnakar shows the intensity of adoration between a dad and a little girl and how it recuperates everything. The story rotates around the battle of a single parent; the delightful bond he imparts to his girl and how he conquers each impediment in their lives with boldness and love.
The film begins with Jayanta, a dependable dad who can go to any statures for his darling little girl named Dubori. He lives in a remote town with her who learns at a nearby school. One day Dubori gets reproving in school from her educator Daisy, before the entire study hall for scoring bad grades in test and for being a devious student. Upset Dubori, goes to her dad and cries profoundly as indicating him, her poor report. Jayanta, who feels powerless for his little girl, stands up to Daisy out of wrath and anguish, clarifying her the battle he has looked in raising Dubori for being a solitary parent. Daisy identifies his circumstance and chooses to help Dubori in her examinations. On the course of time, the bond among Dubori and Daisy becomes solid. On one such fine day, some road hooligans prod both Dubori and Daisy in a recreation centre, and Jayanta, rather than facing the road hooligans, flee from them with his little girl and Daisy. This leads Daisy to consider Jayanta a weakling and defenceless individual. In any case, on that night, Jayanta, in a robbery outfit, quietly goes to a similar road goon and whips them individually which is seen by Daisy. Being stunned to see him, she gets some information about his real personality to which he discloses to her his past. 

The story flashes back to Guwahati when Jayanta used to be a criminal and worked for an amazing representative for cash. The agent had a girl, named Manashi who concentrated in abroad. At the point when she came back to her old neighbourhood for good, she met Jayanta and in the end succumbed to him in the wake of seeing his caring nature and for running social support of mature age individuals, whom he considered as his lone family. The two started to date, despite the fact that Manashi had no clue that Jayanta works for her dad and as a hoodlum. In any case, one-day Manashi discovered him with a firearm and was alarming a guiltless man for the land property (as requested by Manashi's dad). She yelled at him by calling him to be a con artist and left in torment. Days after the fact, Jayanta apologized to her and said that he just did every one of those for his elderly individuals in a harbour. Feeling for him, Manashi proposed Jayanta to acquire cash through a good activity and she would bolster him. Jayanta changed himself into a decent individual, surrendered for filling in as a criminal, gets a conventional line of work for his adoration. Therefore, Manashi wedded him, restricting her dad and her brutal sibling. Both began to carry on with a glad coexistence and they discovered that Manashi is pregnant. Each individual in Jayanta's mature age harbour commends the news. Sadly a few months after the fact, Manashi confronted an auto collision one day and was taken to a medical clinic. The specialist uncovers that she was dead yet the infant is spared. A young lady youngster. In any case, the infant's maternal granddad (Manashi's dad) needed to render retribution on Jayanta by removing the infant from him. Jayanta by one way or another got away with the infant from that point and settled in that remote town. 

Back to the present, Manashi's dad, sibling and his men are still frantically looking for the kid. In the long run, at some point, they without a doubt discovers her and seize her. The remainder of the story follows how Jayanta saves and joins with his girl. Manashi's dad, understanding his mix-up, gives the opportunity to carry on with the cheerful life to Jayanta with his little girl. The film finishes up with Jayanta, Dubori and Daisy, going in Jayanta's bicycle; demonstrating how love recuperates finally.

About Cast and Characters:

Actor - Jatin Bora
Actress - Barsha Rani Bishaya and Nishita Goswami
Child Actress - Ashramika Saikia
Singer - Zubeen Garg 
Directed by - Jatin Bora
Produced by - Jatin Bora and Navanita Sharma Bora
Written by - Abhijit Bhattacharjya
Screenplay by - Abhijit Bhattacharjya
Music - Zubeen Garg
Cinematography - Pradip Doimari
Edited by - Pratim Khaound
Production company - J.B. Production

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