Duti Monor Jonak Assamese Serial Cast, Story, Wiki

Duti Monor Jonak Assamese Serial Cast, Story, Wiki

About - Duti Monor Jonak

The story revolves around two girls best friends Nidhi and Kasturi who were friends from childhood. The family of both girls also have strong bonding. Their life took a turn when a boy Aryan came in their life. When they first saw the Aryan, Nidhi fall in love at first sight. But Aryan falls in love with the Kasturi. After some days, the Aryan give marriage proposal to Kasturi and she accepted. Nidhi became depressed and now she will take revenge. Nidhi will marry Tejas, Elder Brother of Aryan so that she can enter their house and take revenge. Watch Duti Monor Jonak only on Rang Channel to know the full story.

Cast Names of Duti Monor Jonak

1. Munmi Phukon as Kasturi

2. Sukanya Rajguru as Nidhi

3. Sidhant Kalita as Aryan

4.  Bina 

5. Joli Laskar as Anjali

6. Jyoti Narayan Nath as Tejas

7. Manami Bezbaruah

8. Biswajit Ojah

9. Nayan Jyoti Gogoi

10. Surabhi Das 

New Cast Names

1. Upasana Priyam as New Kasturi

2. Kamal Lochan Deka as Bikram

3. Soubhik Rajkhowa as Chiranjeev

4. Mala Goswami as New Kasturi's Stepmother

5. Arindam Deka as New Kasturi's Stepbrother

6. Santana Bora Thakuria as Bikram's mother

7. Nandita Deka as Kasturi's friend

8. Pradyut Bikash Das as Pran (Bikram's friend)

9. Rupchanda Sharma as Arohi


1. Director - Kalpajyoti Das
2. Assistant Director - Paran Kumar
3. 2nd Assistant Director - Pintu Chiranjeev 
4. Editor- Rupankar Das
5. Story - Nayan Saud
6. Promotion - Sunayana Phukan Mahanta
7. Operation Head - Jayanta Deka
8. Singer - Tarali Sharma, Kakul Bharali
9. Makeup Artist - Jintu Saikia, Dhan Bora
10. Production Design - Pranjal Das 
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