Mayong Assam - Land of Black Magic | Travel to Mayong

Mayong - Land of Black Magic

Mayong Assam - Land of Black Magic
Mayong Assam - Land of Black Magic 

Mayong (or Mayang) is a town in Morigaon district, Assam, India. It lies on the bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra, around 40 km (25 mi) from the city of Guwahati. When thought about the support of dark enchantment in India, Mayong is a touristic spot due to its set of experiences.

Meaning of the word 'Mayong'

USA to Mayong
USA to Mayong

The name 'Mayong' might be founded on a few sources and stories. Mayong is derived from the Sanskrit word Maya (illusion), the Chutia/Tiwa/Deori word Ma-Yong which means mother, the Kachari word for an elephant (Miyong), or from maa for Mother Shakti. Some accept that Manipuris from the Moirang family used to possess this zone hence; the name Moirang became Mayhong with time.

The Black Magic of Mayong

Mayong alongside Pragjyotishpura (the ancient name of Assam) discover a place in numerous fanciful stories, mythology, epics including the Mahabharata. It was additionally said about the Mayong that the holy people of black magic and the witches take cover in Mayong backwoods till now. As per an article on "Mayong - Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft" - numerous stories of men vanishing like a phantom, individuals being changed over into creatures, or monsters being mysteriously subdued, have been related with Mayong. Witchcraft and wizardry were customarily rehearsed and disregarded down ages.

A majority of inhabitants in Mayong knows and practices black wizardry. At the point when you visit here, local people will offer you palm reading. A portion of the individuals here work as spiritualists and guarantee to foresee an individual's future utilizing shells and broken glass pieces. 

There are numerous doctor/specialists in Mayong too, regularly known as bez or ojaa. They don't utilize any medications to treat sickness, yet dark sorcery and most presumably have apparitions working for them as collaborators. Local people say that these specialists use copper plates to treat torment. They place the plate on the injury, serenade a couple of mantras and hang tight for it to 'consume' all the torment. 

In the event that an individual is experiencing extreme torment, the plate would then overheat and crush onto the ground. Individuals here additionally guarantee that numerous constant illnesses have been restored in Mayong by dark wizardry. The witch doctors also use their magic to locate a lost property of people.

Why visit Mayong?

Because of its mysterious past and dark sorcery/magic, Mayong is step by step transforming into a place of interest. In case you're an inquisitive explorer, adventurer, history buff or are just intrigued by black magic, Mayong can be a fascinating spot to look at. The town has various antiques and archaeological relics, alongside certain books on old Ayurveda and dark sorcery, which can be found in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium.

What to do in Mayong?

One-horned Rhino Mayong
One-horned Rhino Mayong

  • Connect with local people for mind-boggling magic stunts and unusual stories, and witness the enchanted treatment of sicknesses by nearby healers and witch specialists. Mayong is as yet home to performers who have the information on dark wizardry as well as Ayurveda, palmistry, and future expectation through serenades and spells. 
  • Mayong is wealthy in untamed life too. Visit the Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary close by, home to the biggest populace of one-horned rhinoceros on the planet.
  • Investigate archaeological remaining parts, antiquated ancient rarities, and books related to dark wizardry, black magic and Ayurveda at the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium.
  • The Mayong Pobitora Festival is observed here each November and it is the place where you will see a surprising combination of magic and untamed life.

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How to reach Mayong?

Nearest Railway Station: Jagi Road Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Guwahati International Airport, Barjhar (Assam)

By road from Guwahati (40 km from it), which has frequent flights and trains to all major cities of India.

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