Local Utpaat - Story, Cast & Crew, Review, Movie Release Date

Local Utpaat: From the makers of the Superhit Assamese movie 'Local Kung Fu', a new Assamese movie 'Local Utpaat' will be released on 13th May 2022. Earlier it was scheduled to release on 4th September 2020 but due to COVID Pandemic, it was postponed. Local Utpaat is directed by one of the most talented filmmakers of Assam state, Kenny Basumatary. Local Utpaat is a proper comedy movie.

Story of Local Utpaat

Local Utpaat - Story, Cast & Crew, Review, Movie Release Date
Local Utpaat - Story, Cast & Crew, Review, Movie Release Date

Amit (played by Bonny/Yatharth) and Maya (played by Poonam) have been in a relationship from many years. Amit is a salesman but he is also preparing for various govt. and banking job exams and interviews. He always lives with his flatmates.

Maya has an elder sister, who is forcing Maya to get married to a rich man named Donnie. Maya's elder sister hates Amit. 

Maya is stubborn and she will never marry anyone for money. So, her elder sister went to Break Up Guru (B.U.G, played by Tony) to break the relationship between Maya and Amit.

Break Up Guru's main formula is to investigate the rooms of people that he needs to break up. (Break Up Guru used to be the Love Guru in past but he becomes B.U.G because it is a more profitable business.)

Maya's elder sister pressurize her to bring her boyfriend's family to meet their family. So, Amit calls his brother Robin (played by Kenny). Robin works in a different town. Robin met with an accident and he got hurt on his head and from then his memory loss. He usually forgets everything i.e, his name, house, place, etc.

To know more about what will happen to Amit and Maya's relationship, please go and watch the full movie in the theatres. 

The cast of Local Utpaat

1. Kenny Basumatary - Writer and Director

2. Tony Basumatary - Creator

3. Bonny Deori - Lead Actor

4. Poonam Gurung - Actor

5. Yatharth Agnihotri - Actor and Producer

Crowdfunding - Need Financial Help for Local Utpaat

Kenny Basumatary has made three films - Local Kung Fu (2013), Local Kung Fu 2 (2017) and Suspended Inspector Boro (2018). But due to piracy and lack of theatres in Assam, his two films (Local Kung Fu 2 and Suspended Inspector Boro) could not make a profit and the amount of money invested in making his all films was not recovered fully. So, Kenny had to sell his apartment in Mumbai. But he will not sit idle because of his eagerness to make more films.

Kenny started the crowdfunding campaign with Wishberry, to collect a sum of 10 lakhs. If this film can fetch some profit, it will help him in making his next film.

You will also get some rewards on donating, visit the below link for more info 

Donate link - https://www.wishberry.in/campaign/local-utpaat

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