Gwthar Bathou San: 7 Facts of Bathou Puja 2024

Gwthar Bathou San: 7 Facts of Bathou Puja
Gwthar Bathou San: 7 Facts of Bathou Puja

Gwthar Bathou San or Bathou Puja was declared a full-fledged holiday from 20178 in Assam by the State Government of Assam.  Bathou Puja will be celebrated on 28 January 2020.

Here are the 07 facts about Gwthar Bathou San.

1. Who Celebrated Gwthar Bathou San?

Gwthar Bathou San or Bathou Puja is a religious festival of the Bodo and Kacharies community of Assam India.

2. What is the meaning of Bathou in Bodo language?

Bathou means five principles namely bar (air), oor (fire), ha (earth), dwi (water) and okhrang (sky). 

Bathoubwrai (bwarai: the Elder) is said to have created the five principles.

3. When Bathou Puja is celebrated?

Bathou Puja is celebrated on the 2nd Tuesday of Magh Month. It will fall in February month.

4. Which God is worshipped?

A God is worshipped but with different names according to different regions Gila Damra, Khuria Bwrai, Sri Brai (Shib bwrai), Bathow Bwrai.

5. What are the forms of this Bathou Puja?

Three different forms Garja, Kherai, and Marai are celebrated successively.

6. Which plant is also used in the ritual?

Cactus (Bwrai Bathou) 2024
Cactus (Bwrai Bathou)

A cactus called Bwrai Bathou (in the Bodo Language) is used in the ritual.

7. Where Bathou Puja is celebrated?

It is celebrated in various parts of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland and West Bengal.

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