Tumar Morome Muk Assamese Serial Cast, Wiki

Tumar Morome Muk Assamese Serial Cast, Wiki
Tumar Morome Muk Assamese Serial Cast, Wiki

About Tumar Morome Muk - তোমাৰ মৰমে মোক 

Jay an effective businessperson, is totally snared in profound dark business politics, his father's murder and his very busy life. His solitary help is his caring mother. At that point, he discovers his adoration with a straightforward village young lady Parijat, whom he chose to wed. Be that as it may, this offers to ascend to wed complexities. Mallika, a girl of Jai's dad's nearby business partner, consumes in the fire of retribution, as she adored Jai and was fixated on him. She is likewise joined by Dhurba, a beloved companion of Parijat, who adored Parijat frantically. This is the account of Jai and Parijat's battle despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and shades of malice, Mallika fixation and vengeance, Dhruba's fruitless romantic tale and other dull business legislative issues and tricks encompassing Jai and Parijat, how they battle and conquer it together with the intensity of their adoration.

Cast Names of Tumar Morome Muk -

1. Mayuri Gautam as Parijat

2. Moloya Goswami

3. Bhargav Kataki

4. Ratul Sharma

5. Mayuri Gautam

6. Karabi Sharma

7. Biren Hazarika

8. Nila Saikia

9. Gautam Bora

10. Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika

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